The SLUG is the Squatter Linux User Group from Amsterdam.

It’s main goal is to introduce open source solutions to a wide group of Amsterdam activists still struggling with proprietary software. We give workshops on how to install, configure and use linux operating system in general. We also give workshops about all variety of free software available (from using gimp, through pure data, to network tools).

Also as a part of our philosophy we belive that there is no over dated computers. therefore we love to build machines from recycled hardware which you can find lying everywhere in the streets, attics, basements of Amsterdam. There is no such thing as ‘too old’ computer. It all depends on a destination of your freshly built machine.

All that we provide for free (donations of all sort welcome) in FREE, autonomous, squatted places.

*as we have to change places from time to time (of course no squat will last forever) we recommend to check where we are located at this moment.

Come to visit us! Learn how to recycle a computer from the garbage and take it home.

To contact us ( especially when we don’t have a physical meeting place) drop us an email at slug_at_lists.riseup.net