Recycling computers

 piles of computer accessories (found on flickr)In the S.L.U.G. we recycle computers from the street and use them to create new ones. If you have some computer material that you want to get rid, please CONTACT US or bring it to Copyleft of Barcelona on Saturdays. We can also pick it up ourselfs.

We’d like to promote technological autonomy, so for we would like to show how to build and maintain your own computer.

Every thursday the SLUG come together to help people take care of their computer needs but we are going to do it with some priorities: for example if your computer is going to be in a public space or if there are no computers in your house, you are going get high priority on our to-do list. And this also goes for people who want to share their internet connection with their neighbors. Here in the S.L.U.G. we think that sharing is a very nice thing to do!

(picture by telecentrepictures on flickr)