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This week Security and Paranoia on Internet @ Barcelona CopyLeft

Saturday 21st of June

Workshop on basic knowledge for using internet safely.

First part: the difference between “clear” browsing and “encrypted” browsing, and OTR (encryption protocol for Instant Messaging).

Second part: introduction to GPG (Gnu Pretty Guard), a system that allows people to encrypt and sign data and communications.

Third part: Tor and the onion network. Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location.

See you there at 15.00 then!

@ Barcelona CopyLeft Van Boetselaarstraat 1 A*damflyer

Python crash course in May

During the Saturdays of May 24th and May 31st, our fellow nerd , who is staying in Amsterdam, is going to give a crash course in the .

The Python language is a cross platform tool that allows you to do a lot of things. Many applications are written in it or use little pieces of python code. This is a course for people that already have an idea of what programming is (what is a loop, what is a variable and so on) but you don’t need to know anything about Python.

We think that good courses are the ones that leave a curious flock behind them that can later share newbie tricks and teach each other, and we would like to have at least 10 people joining the course for it to be a success. If we are more, we are going to be able to keep playing with it and learning together even when the course finishes.

If you are interested, drop us a note! slug[AT]lists.riseup.net

And if you still don’t know what a variable is, you still have time to learn before the course! It’s in May!

LINUX Course For Beginners

After a long delay and loads of empty promises we finally got ourselves together and prepared a course for all of you who want to unleash the hidden powers of free software. This course is meant for people who have no experience with Linux, who’ve only used Windows (you poor things!) or even have never laid a hand on a computer before. Our focus is to show you how to install, use and do other cool shit with Linux just by click, click, clicking away – no need to give weird commands to your computer or other strange stuff like that. Simple as fuck!

As a basis for the course we have choosen Ubuntu Linux training (you can check it out here) published by the Ubuntu community. As the course manual suggests we will split the course into two days of workshops, eight hours each. Otherwise we’ll go with the flow and be flexible.

The main subjects are:

29.03.2007 Day One

Course starts at 12:00h

– Introducing Ubuntu
– Exploring the Ubuntu Desktop
– Using the Internet
– Installing updates and new applications
– Using OpenOffice Applications
– Customizing the Desktop and Applications

05.04.2008 Day Two

Course starts at 12:00h

– File magement
– Making the Most of Images and Photos
– Playing Music and Videos
– Installing and running M$ Windows applications on Linux

– Ubuntu: Help and Support
– Other issues requested by students

If you want to install Linux on your own machine before the course starts you can do it on Saturdays during SLUG. There you can find people who live to help you with your technical problems. While installing you can use our monitors, keyboards, etcetera, so no need to bring your own! Or you can join the installation party:



Starts at 14:00h

Massive installation party with all the help you could ever need available right there. Afterwards, around 18:00 – 19:00 (depending on how the installation goes) screening of “REVOLUTION OS” -documentary by JTS Moore, as an overwiev on history of Linux, the free software foundation and opensource movement.


Simply send us an e-mail or drop by SLUG. When emailing, please tell us if you want to use your own computer or one of the machines prepared by us. The deadline is 22th of March, but would be nice if you signed up as early as possible. It will give us more time to prepare everything, estimate the number of computers we need and so on.

Everyone is welcome! (Except for pigs, politicians, yuppies and other such scum. Well, they use M$Virus anyway…)

If something is still unclear, you would like to help, give a workshop etc. drop us a line at slug [at] lists [dot] riseup [dot] net

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