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pure data patching circle

Soon we are going to start a Pure Data Patching Circle” and that is the closest I can find to the nights we spent on riereta with dgepeto and the Pure Data Users Syndicate.

We are starting with a Pure data crash course, to honour last serious workshop, and the plan is:

  • three sessions of pure data introduction
  • 2 sessions of support to the students
  • starting pure data weekly patching circle meetings, with lightning talks at the start and then working together and troubleshooting

people interested in joining the workshop, please write back to the #slug: slug [at] lists [dot] riseup [dot] net

people interested on hosting the workshop in some place where we can meet weekly and make a bit of noise and use a beamer, please write too!

Introduction to Pure Data

Thursday 6 and 13 of November – 6 p.m.

Pure Data is a graphical programming environment to manipulate audio and video in real time.

Is Open Source and works in all platforms, but we are going to see some libraries that work mainly in Linux… so take your ubuntu with you!

Sine Wave Oscillator