16.03.2013 Lag Opening!

Ladies and gents,

After 6 months of renovation work we are proud to invite you all for the opening. The work is not over yet and a lot is only starting. Come by to hear what are our plans with the place,  have a drink, re-unite,  listen to some music and in general have fun.

The program is not definitive, but goes along the following lines:

17:00 short electric workshop
18:00 presentation of the project
18:30 talks
20:00 dinner break!
21:00 more talks?
22:00 music performances
23:00 more music

If you want to find us elsewhere (some 2.0 stuff) follow (join) us on identi.ca or/and n-1

See you all saturday the 16th

1e schinkelstraat 14