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July in Lag


June in Lag


Click here to download printable poster. Print it, spread it!

3D printing in Lag

Hacker place without 3D printer is so 2007. For quite a while our 3D printer was collecting dust until someone sat down and spend some time getting the software and the printer itself to work. Now we are at the stage of printing universe of useless crap we ever dreamed of.

As for technical specs:

3d-printer – mendel90

Software – slic3r, Repetier host.

20140529_003 20140529_004

Pissed of at people grabing your drink! Print yourself a name tag for the bottle :D

Pissed of at people grabbing your drink! Print yourself a name tag and mark your bottle :D

Linux for Beginners – 24 May

Linux4Beginners– more –

* Come this Saturady (17 May) to prepare and install your computer so we can make good use of the time during the workshop!

Getting in Shape

After some more LAGging the space is starting to get back in to shape.
Lots of trash has been thrown out and 99% of the leaks from the roof have been fixed (a small leak in the front remains that will hopefully be fixed soon).Workstations are almost ready and we have a nice window in the roof.

This Thursday we will start with the first program of the new year: the Puredata Patching Circle
which will run every other Thursday (bi-weekly).

Also look out for a potential party end of March together with our neighbors.

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