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July in Lag


31st May- Lag closed!

Due to Queeristan 2014 taking place in the Binnenpret and thus using our space we are closed on saturday.

If you’re interested in the Queeristan check their website for program etc.

3D printing in Lag

Hacker place without 3D printer is so 2007. For quite a while our 3D printer was collecting dust until someone sat down and spend some time getting the software and the printer itself to work. Now we are at the stage of printing universe of useless crap we ever dreamed of.

As for technical specs:

3d-printer – mendel90

Software – slic3r, Repetier host.

20140529_003 20140529_004

Pissed of at people grabing your drink! Print yourself a name tag for the bottle :D

Pissed of at people grabbing your drink! Print yourself a name tag and mark your bottle :D

Getting in Shape

After some more LAGging the space is starting to get back in to shape.
Lots of trash has been thrown out and 99% of the leaks from the roof have been fixed (a small leak in the front remains that will hopefully be fixed soon).Workstations are almost ready and we have a nice window in the roof.

This Thursday we will start with the first program of the new year: the Puredata Patching Circle
which will run every other Thursday (bi-weekly).

Also look out for a potential party end of March together with our neighbors.

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[Lag] Fixing time

Hi everyone,

Lagging as always with updates.

The roof renovation of the Binnenpret has finished some weeks ago. We’re still waiting for the new roof window to be placed but all the major (leak causing work) has been done. So we’ve looked at the damage and started fixing the place up.

The estimated damage is around 300/400 euro. We have to replace 15m2 of the floor, the back wall, and some pieces of walls in the back that got “infected” with fungus. Fortunatelly the Binnen Pret collective decided to pay the costs for materials so at least we don’t run into the debt.

For last two weeks we’ve been busy fixing the walls. All the wood/plaster with fungus were removed and the whole back area (including the floor) has been treated with bleach and special anti-fungus stuff (more bleach).

Last week we’ve replaced all the missing wood and plasterboards and started plastering so everything would be nice and even.

Below you can see the planning for coming weeks so if you have time and feel like helping out please do so:

  • 16th January (Thursday) from 19:00-23:00  – Finishing with plaster
  • 17th 18th January (Friday) – 19:00 – 22:00 Painting walls
  • 18th 23rd January (Saturday) 14:00 – 22:00 – Placing new floor, cleaning up the place, moving stuff back into place
  • 25th, 30th  January (Thursdays from 19:00 Saturdays from 14:00)- More cleaning, rearranging, painting making the place look awesome etc.
  • 1st February (Saturday) from 14:00 – 23:00  – We are up and running again \o/

For more details you can write to us on irc using your favourite irc client or webclient in the “contact section” on our site (irc.indymedia, channels #slug and/or #lag) or email