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Lags SpaceAPI on n900 (dirty solution)

While working on spaceAPI widget for n900 I found very useful app that did the trick within few taps. Of course it’s not 100% what I had in mind (widget with notification whether the hacklab is open applicable to any hackerspace using spaceAPI) but I thought  I will share it with you guys because the app itself can be used for different purposes and it’s quite handy.

So first of, get the Oculo app. Then follow simple wizard to create your widget. Oculo takes any div from the website and turns it into either wallpaper or desktop widget. You can resize it, fit the content in width etc. Simple, fast and effective. Now you can see if someone is Lagging right from your pocket.

(Hopefully, the real widget won’t take too long).

main sizedesktop

July in Lag


June in Lag


Click here to download printable poster. Print it, spread it!

31st May- Lag closed!

Due to Queeristan 2014 taking place in the Binnenpret and thus using our space we are closed on saturday.

If you’re interested in the Queeristan check their website for program etc.

3D printing in Lag

Hacker place without 3D printer is so 2007. For quite a while our 3D printer was collecting dust until someone sat down and spend some time getting the software and the printer itself to work. Now we are at the stage of printing universe of useless crap we ever dreamed of.

As for technical specs:

3d-printer – mendel90

Software – slic3r, Repetier host.

20140529_003 20140529_004

Pissed of at people grabing your drink! Print yourself a name tag for the bottle :D

Pissed of at people grabbing your drink! Print yourself a name tag and mark your bottle :D