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Getting in Shape

After some more LAGging the space is starting to get back in to shape.
Lots of trash has been thrown out and 99% of the leaks from the roof have been fixed (a small leak in the front remains that will hopefully be fixed soon).Workstations are almost ready and we have a nice window in the roof.

This Thursday we will start with the first program of the new year: the Puredata Patching Circle
which will run every other Thursday (bi-weekly).

Also look out for a potential party end of March together with our neighbors.

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This weekend dreamer and buZz are going to work on the iBeamer project. A kinect driven 3D visual human interface thing written in puredata.
Also we are trying to educate some people to learn more puredata.
And, there is a a music festival in the area on saturday (see ‘Bergpop’), so this could be the beginning of something beautiful ;)
The ‘event’ is expected to run Friday at 4:00pm – July 4 at 10:00am