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(15 24/08 – 19.00 ) Autonomous ]Network( Practices




The shift from centralized, authoritative and hyerarchical systems to distributed, federative and horizontal ones is a fundamental step, with both practical and theoretical causes and consequences, to stop relying on the infrastructures of governments and corporations.

Using state-controlled or business-oriented structures and services generates issues both as short term effects, as it became publicly obvious with the PRISM “scandal”, as well as long term changes, for the way these systems gradually modify our individual and social beings, influencing the way we relate to people, work, live (e.g. facebook, linkedin).

The re-appropriation of the means of communication is a necessary component for political practices which seeks autonomy from state and capital.


“LOREA is a project to create secure social cybernetic systems, in which a network of humans will become simultaneously represented on a virtual shared world. Its aim is to create a distributed and federated nodal organization of entities with no geophysical territory, interlacing their multiple relationships through binary codes and languages.” [1]

“Phone Liberation Network (PLN) is a cooperative of sip servers that connect through VPN mesh telephone network (distributed). It is open to and welcomes participation by other community telephone networks globally, who agree with PLN’s goals and want to share a common network and international telephone numbering plan.” [2]


There is gonna be a technical presentation of the projects and an open discussion will follow.


SLUG is meeting again after years and years!

It’s time to meet again and hear from people what they’ve been doing lately, have a drink together, hear possible future perspectives for SLUG as a group and such, and see if there is interest in doing activities as SLUG in LAG, get lost in the multiple layers of groups, identities, places and networks now available and so on…

We reconnect at LAG ( Eerste Schinkelstraat 14 ) this coming Thursday, 28th of March, at 21.00.

Hope to see you there!

Computer Hardware Restoration

20/04/10, 20:00 @SLUG - Computer Hardware Restoration - by Asbesto Molesto - Da Costastraat 110, Amsterdam