LAG – Renovation work has begun

For last weeks we’ve been busy preparing the place in Binnenpret for total renovation. Here, sharing the space together with other projects (such as RPM recording studio, ASB Anarcho-sindicalist union, and a wood workshop) we’re going to open new hacklab.

For now it is mainly demolishing work. We had to remove all the old walls,/floors and other mysterious constructions left by the group running SaunaFenomen. At this moment we are getting close to actual building. We need to build new walls separating the projects as well as make new electricity, water and gas installation in the building. We are hoping to finish all that in the mid-september, so then we can start preparing LAG to be open.

As for now the place looks no different then regular freshly squatted house that has been neglected by the owner for years. Something we as SLUG are quite familiar with.