Lag update

Hi guys,

Recently I’ve spoken with few people coordinating works on the roof to get more details. Here they are;

Since last week company that suppose to renovate the roof of the building is busy with it. They say it will take between three to four weeks (depending on the weather). Only after they are done we can start estimating the damage and start fixing. They are currently putting new isolation on the roof and soon will start putting new roof tiles and fixing gutters and drain pipes. Also good information for all of us is that most probably Lag will get nice big roof window so we’ll have more daylight.

The electricity was still down in the whole building (saturday 19th October). The blackout should be solved within days, so we’re going to be back online soon.

For now we need to keep the ‘valuable’ stuff in the middle of the place until works are done.

So basically all we can do now is wait and hope there won’t be gigantic storms in next weeks. As for damage.

Most probably the floor in the back of the place will have to be replaced. Hopefully the front part of the floor did not suffer too much and we won’t have to replace that.As soon as we’re not in a danger of floods we will try to dry the back walls and hope that will be enough. Otherwise we will have to replace that as well.

Coming saturday (26th october) Lag should be back online and we’re going to move stuff around, clean up,  check the damage and try to do some fun stuff as well, so  come along.